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our concept & Approach

SharkTalent brings Talent and Recruiters together through video. Our innovative solution allows Talent to stand out from the crowd, and provides Recruiters with an additional tool to speed up and enhance their recruitment process.


Finding a new position in line with your ambitions is no easy task! It begins with looking for a suitable career opportunity – then, of course, applying for the job. Today, you are certainly not alone in applying for that job – lots of people will be applying. And the vast majority of them are following the same path by e-mailing or posting their CV and motivation letter. In this scenario, it’s very difficult to stand out. Why would an employer select you for an interview? What makes you shine?

Start using the power of self-marketing through video, and connect with employers and recruiters! On SharkTalent, you can introduce yourself visually and bring your passion, soft skills and culture to the recruitment process. Impress employers and recruiters with your distinctive approach, and get noticed! Using the SharkTalent platform enables unlimited employers and recruiters worldwide to identify and view you. Your videos and other information are stored in a protected environment. Only employers and recruiters who have registered themselves on SharkTalent can watch your video pitch. They can only see your first and last name after your approval.

Give a boost to your career. Let employers and recruiters find you!

Be Smart, Be Shark!

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Finding the right Talent for your team is often time-consuming and therefore costly. CVs only tell part of the story. A pre-selection of candidates based on CVs has its limitations and doesn’t always result in the best outcome. The enthusiasm, soft skills, and culture of the candidate simply don’t come across!

The SharkTalent platform helps you to speed up and enhance the pre-selection process. As an employer or recruiter, you can watch video pitches of candidates and get a clear impression of the candidate and their motivation. Our solution gives you the opportunity to ask the candidate three questions and get their responses back through video. SharkTalent helps you to streamline your recruitment process, saving time and money.

Start today, and watch video pitches and responses anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Be Smart, Be Shark!

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